Our History

On the ninth of December 2008, our founding sisters gathered to discuss the creation of a new Greek letter society. These young women were Sisters Lindsay Chartier, Megan Vespasiani, and Alexandra Trought. It was on this day that Alpha Sigma Chi was founded. Sister Chartier proposed to the young ladies that through

her guidance and with the support of these eager women, a new local sorority would be most beneficial to the young females of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Durham College, and Trent Oshawa.

The purpose of Alpha Sigma Chi is to unite all cultures, ethnic groups and races into a unified bond so that the factual meaning of diversity may be exemplified and taught, not only in name but also spirit and mind. Alpha Sigma Chi encourages the development of self-confidence and character with intellect. The sorority

will share a life-long bond of sisterhood gaining experience together on how to live as sisters in our community.

Working as one,

striving for excellence